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Community Districting TOOLS

AEPN has compiled the following resources to aid and assist Alabamians who are interested in learning more or becoming involved in the community line-drawing process.

Participate in Map-Drawing

Map Drawing Software

The goal of Districtr is to put the tools of redistricting in the hands of the public, with an emphasis on meeting the needs of civil rights organizations, community groups, and redistricting commissions.

DistrictBuilder puts the power of drawing electoral maps in the hands of the people. Redistricting can be a transparent process that represents communities fairly and prevents gerrymandering.

Make your voice heard with Representable
and put your community on the map.

State officials across America are preparing to redraw congressional & state legislative districts based on the 2020 Census. The new maps will impact everyone for the next 10 years.

Get assistance in helping you and your organization draw and submit alternative maps. 

Community Districting Resources

Training For Organizations

Our 2021 Fair District's Initiative

AEPN has created a shared toolkit that can be utilized by organizations as we work together to educate Alabamians on the line-drawing process. 

Everyone who participates in a training will get access to our ‘Fair Districts 2021’ Toolkit, full of information on how you can engage the public during this crucial time.

Get Two Free T-Shirts for Your Organization

Organizations that sign up for one of our trainings or host a training using our toolkit will receive two Our Districts, Our Alabama t-shirts. If you are interested in purchasing t-shirts to distribute, let us know and we will compile a joint order to minimize costs.

Reapportionment Committee Meetings

The Legislature’s Reapportionment Committee is a permanent committee that develops Alabama’s reapportionment plan. The plan goes before the state legislature for approval, but they must seek public input about the plan before submission.

To do this, they will hold a series of public meetings where members of the public may testify and submit alternate maps. Those dates will be added to our calendar as they are announced. 

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Make Your Voice Known

Need Help Drawing Your Map?


How much do you know about redistricting?

In America, elections should reflect the will of the people, not elected officials. We all want our voices to be heard in determining the future of our communities.

Alabama Election Protection Network is working to ensure a fair, accurate process for drawing district boundaries that puts our communities, and not the needs of elected officials, first.

Let's see how much you know about redistricting!